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Livingston #73 Officers

Excellent Companion James D. Rutherford Thrice Illustrious Master


US Army Veteran

Contact at

Companion Phil Vaughn Deputy Master


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Companion Lynn Allen Principle conductor of the works


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EC Darel Winslow KYCH Recorder


EC Don Trumbull KYGCH Treasurer


contact info coming soon

contact us


by email to any officer or by mail to our recorder at D. Winslow, 7852 Chilson Rd., Pinckney Mi. 48169

Livingston Council #73, Royal and Select Masters of Michigan


Livingston #73

The companions of Livingston #73, Royal and Select Masters, (also known as Cryptic Masons) are the masonic keepers of the secrets.  As cryptic masons we have taken the additional steps to learn more about the mysteries of ancient masonry, learning more about the ancient builders of Solomon's Temple and the ancient legends of his hidden word.

Royal and Select Masters Meeting

Our Council meets the third Thursday of each month at 730 Pm., with the exceptions of July and August when we take time to attend our state level Grand York Rite meetings.

Becoming a Royal and Select Master

As we are an appendant body of the symbolic or Blue Lodge, To become a Royal and Select Master, a man must first become a Master Mason and be able to properly enter and exit his and other symbolic lodges.  Once comfortable to proceed simply contact a member of the York Rite and ask for assistance in obtaining a petition for cryptic masonry.

Who can I contact

Feel free to contact our council recorder, Darel W. "Butch" Winslow @  Simply mark your subject line as "Requesting information on the York Rite".  Or you may call (503) 559-8496 anytime with questions.  A voice mail message is always on if you cant make contact in person.

Royal and Select Masters

this page is dedicated to york rite masons activities for Livingston Council #73 R&SM of Michigan