Livingston Chapter #30 Royal Arch Mason


Pinckney Masonic Temple welcomes Livingston Chapter #30, Royal Arch Masons, recently moved from Howell to this more central location for the Royal Arch Masons of the Livingston Co. Area.


Royal Arch Mason

Not just a destination on the path of more light in masonry, the Royal Arch is the true enhancement of the unanswered questions left at the fall of ancient craft masonry.  Obtaining that light is within the grasp of every free and accepted mason, once he is raised a Master Mason.  The Royal Arch will surely make you a better man and of more value to your symbolic lodge.


I want more light as a freemason

If you are a master mason and seek the true word, want more light in what you have already seen or need those few questions answered.  You are ready to make your Mark as a freemason, or wish to display your work and  seek the answers of the Royal Arch,   Contact our Chapter secretary Loren Winn by email, mark your subject as "Help me make my Mark"

Livingston #30 companions serving the Grand Chapter of Mich

Excellent Grand Principle Sojerner Excellent CompanionDon Mayville


Known for his hard work and dedication to the entire York Rite, Don serves the grand line proudly.  Scheduled to be Grand High Priest in 2022 Don will be the second (2nd) member of Livingston #30 to serve as Grand High Priest of Michigan

Excellent Companion Donald Galway Past Grand High Priest

With Lady Sherry, Don served as Grand High Priest, RAM in 2016 and is currently Grand Secretary

Don served the Grand chapter as High Priest in 2016.  His devotion to the Royal Arch masons of Michigan is unquestionable.  Don continues to serve the Grand Chapter as Grand Secretary

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Current Presiding High Priest Livingston #30


Also Serving as Worshipful Master Howell #38 F&AM & Livingston 73 R&SM EC Jim is busy but effective.  email to

Secretary Livingston #30, Loren Winn


Pictured with Lady Gail, Loren is ever present in the Livingston York Rite picture.  email to

Treasurer Livingston #30 Don Mayville


Keeping on track or keeping the books, we look to this excellent companion.  Along with serving the Grand Line Don is our devoted and accurate Treasurer.  email to

2019-2020 Officers of Livingston Chapter #30

Companion Phillip Vaughn Scribe


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Excellent Companion Don Trumbull Captain of the Host


Serving all aspects with pride and dedication, Excellent Companion Don has served the actions and image of a Royal Arch Mason for many years with all his heart.  Don is an excellent ritualist and leader of the craft who can be counted on.  email to

Excellent Companion Darel Winslow Principal Sojourner


Passion for Masonry and the York Rite along with our involvement in the community is the driving force behind "Butch's" actions.  He has served the local chapter through all the chairs and serves as or Principal Sojourner for yet another year.  email to

Royal Arch Captain


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